Children`s Houses

During the first few years, children affected by Noma were brought to hospitals in Europe as the infrastructure in Niger was not sufficient to conduct operations. This, however, cost a lot of money and removed the children from their familiar environment. After several months in Europe, they had to readjust to life at home.

That’s why HAN decided early on to create the necessary prerequisites to help locally in order to keep costs down and prevent a culture shock. This meant that adequate medical infrastructure had to be set up in Niger.

Employees of the organization in Niger come from different tribes of the country, since ethnic groups only accept their kinsmen and do not want to be taught by others. Language difference would also make communication more difficult otherwise. HAN has also introduced premiums for registering the largest number of children with Noma in order to help as many patients as early as possible.

So far, children’s houses exist in Niamey, Tahoua, Maradi and Agadez. At least three to four more children’s houses are desperately needed. The centers are used to register patients during all phases of the disease. They receive adequate nutrition and antibiotics in case of acute Noma. If surgery is necessary, they are sent to the hospital La Magia, which HAN opened in 2002 in the capital, Niamey. The hospital also contains the country’s first radiology department.


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